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Emanuel Lasker -- Stamps of the GDR #10

Emanuel Lasker -- Stamps of the GDR #10

Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941) was a German chess master and thinker who continues to hold the record for the longest reign as a World Chess Champion in history having been one for 27 consecutive years from 1894 to 1921.

In addition to his chess mastery, he was a noted mathematician and wrote a number of philosophical works. Of Jewish background Lasker and his wife Martha fled Germany after the rise of the Nazis in 1933. He was invited to live in the Soviet Union where he renounced his German citizenship and became a Soviet citizen. Eventually they left the USSR to go live with Martha's daughter in New York where he died in 1941.

The tenth in our new The Left Chapter series looking at over 70 stamps from the German Democratic Republic, some with quotes and history.

They will culminate in a post with all of the stamps.

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