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Grand Canyon Cookbook -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Arizona Sangria, Breakfast Fry Bread Taco, Spicy Spinach Salad, Grand Canyon Chili, Green Chile Enchiladas and more.

Vintage Cookbook: Grand Canyon Cookbook, Bobbi and Bruce Fischer

Publication Details: Golden West Cookbooks 1997 & 2012

This terrific southwestern cookbook from 1997 looks at dishes from Arizona and associated with the Grand Canyon.

The recipes are divided into nine section such as Appetizers, Trail Food, Bread, Desserts etc. There are things you would expect such as chilis, tacos, enchiladas, cornbreads and the like. There are also lots of things you might not like the Arizona Sangria, Fennel Crusted Trout or Sweet Potato Cake.

In addition to those we look at at least one other from each category such as Peanut Chocolate Bars, Green Chile Bread and Green River Baked Beans plus a number of others.

After every section there is a page with interesting stories or facts about the canyon. We have included one about canyon wildlife.


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