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Highlights from the 13th National Party Congress of the CPV

The congress wrapped up Monday, February 1 in Hanoi.

Screenshot of the closing ceremony of the CPV congress, Hanoi, February 2021

The 13th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) wrapped up on Monday, February 1 in Hanoi just two days shy of the 91st anniversary of the party's founding.

According to Morning Star "A total of 1,587 delegates attended the meeting, representing some 5.1 million members, elected at a series of meetings held in each of Vietnam’s 63 provinces. In turn, the delegates vote on the 200-member central committee."

Highlights of the congress:

Press release on closing session of 13th National Party Congress: "The closing session of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) took place on February 1 morning under the chair of National Assembly (NA) Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan."

At the congress President Nguyen Phu Trong was re-elected to a third term as leader of the party.

At the closing ceremony members of the newly-elected Party Central Committee made their debut.

On the last day of the congress the CPV adopted a comprehensive resolution carrying forward towards the goal that "Vietnam will become a socialist-oriented developed country by the mid-21st century.":

The resolution stated that the congress agreed on the basic assessments of the implementation outcomes of the 12th National Party Congress’s resolution, the 1991 Platform on National Construction during the Transitional Period towards Socialism that was supplemented and developed in 2011, the 2011 - 2020 socio-economic development strategy, the 1991 Platform, the 35 years of “Doi moi” (Renewal) policy, along with national development orientations and tasks for the time ahead as noted in the documents submitted by the 12th-tenure Party Central Committee to the 13th congress.
Regarding the implementation outcomes of the 12th National Party Congress’s resolution, the resolution said during the 12th tenure, the entire Party, people, and army stayed united and exerted efforts to successfully realise targets and tasks, gaining a number of highly important achievements.
However, the resolution noted the building of institutions, growth model reform, economic restructuring, industrialisation, and modernisation has not met expectation while the economy’s productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness remain low...
During the 35 years of carrying out the “Doi moi” policy and 30 years implementing the 1991 Platform on national construction during the transitional period towards socialism, people’s material and spiritual lives have been improved considerably, and the country has never obtained a fortune, strength, stature, and prestige in the international arena like what it has today.
The abovementioned attainments have continued proving that the path to socialism in Vietnam matches the reality in the country and the development trend of the era, and that the Party’s clear-sighted leadership is the leading factoring determining the success of Vietnam’s revolution.
Amid the fast and complicatedly changing international situation, the Party’s Platform remains “the flag of ideology, the flag of combat, the flag gathering the great national solidarity” for the goal of rich people, strong country, and an equitable, democratic, and civilised nation, according to the resolution.

The CPV received "298 congratulatory letters from 149 parties, 6 international organizations, 93 friendship associations, 25 foreign missions, and 16 individuals from 92 countries" during the congress.

The CPUSA's solidarity statement reflects the general tone, ending:

We in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) know of Vietnam’s staunch commitment to international solidarity firsthand. The CPV donated thousands of masks to the working class of the United States to be distributed by our Party. We continue to be grateful for our strong bilateral relationship with the CPV and look forward to a future of continued solidarity, cooperation, and camaraderie.
As 2021 begins, and the Communist Party of Vietnam prepares for its 13th Party Congress, we in the CPUSA wish our comrades in Vietnam much success on their continued path of building socialism and a better world. Many of the difficulties that the world faced in 2020 will continue into the new year along with many new challenges. The CPV will be faced with the challenge of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine and rebuilding those sectors of the economy that suffered the most during the current international crisis. The CPUSA continues to stand firmly in solidarity with the CPV through these and all future challenges as we work together to build socialism around the world.
Long Live Communist Internationalism!



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