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Historic victory for the Left in Kerala

The governing Left Democratic Front in Kerala, India has won an historic reelection on Saturday. The LDF, which is an alliance of left parties led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Communist Party of India, has won or leads in 95 seats of the Kerala Legislative Assembly's 140 seats.

the resounding victory of the Left Democratic Front in Kerala. It thanks the people of Kerala for once again reposing faith in the LDF and relelecting it to form the next government. This has happened after more than four decades that the incumbent has been reelected. The LDF’s performance has been better than in the last assembly election.
The people of Kerala have voted on the performance of the incumbent government, the alternative policies pursued, the manner in which all the natural calamities were tackled, the pandemic and its fall out were handled, welfare measures undertaken and safeguarding the secular democratic harmonious character of Kerala society.


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