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"I congratulate the brave Venezuelan people" - Miguel Diaz-Canel

The President of Cuba was among those who celebrated the resounding victory of the Chavist Great Patriotic Pole in Venezuelan regional and municipal elections.

Nicolas Maduro celebrates the election result, November 21 -- photo via Twitter

The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, extended his congratulations to Nicolas Maduro and the socialist and Chavist Great Patriotic Pole leftist electoral alliance for their resounding victory in the Venezuelan regional and municipal elections on November 21.

The alliance won at least 18 of 23 state governorships as well as the mayoralty race in Caracas. (It was initially believed that they had won 20 of the races but two remain too close to call).

This is an impressive display of the commitment of the Venezuelan people to the Chavist political project in spite of the cruel economic sanctions of the United States and many of its allies.

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