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Italian Casserole Cooking -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Oxtail Ragout, Mama Mia Chicken, Pork Chops w. Vermouth, Sardines w. Fennel, Parmesan Artichokes and more.

Vintage Cookbook: Italian Casserole Cooking, Angela Catanzaro

Publication Details: Liveright Publishing, 1970

This terrific cookbook from 1970 contains over 200 pages of Italian recipes but with something of a different than usual focus as they are almost all casserole dishes of various kinds.

All the classic Italian flavours and ingredients are present. The book itself is divided into sections based on the primary component and so there are sections headed Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Lamb, Veal, Pasta, etc.

Here we are sharing 10 recipes that include some interesting elements and some of my favourite things like oxtail, crab, sardines, vermouth, artichokes, lentils, veal shanks and others.


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