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Jeanine Añez sentenced to ten years for role in Bolivian coup

Bolivians demand justice for those massacred during the coup regime of Jeanine Añez in 2019, June 6, 2022 -- Image via Twitter

In a victory for justice and democracy former de facto Bolivian president Jeanine Añez was sentenced to ten years in jail on June 10 for her role in the OAS and US backed coup that ousted the democratically elected leftist president Evo Morales in 2019.

Families of the victims of army and police repression and violence in the wake of the coup had been calling for far stiffer sentences of up to 30 years.

On the same day that Añez's sentence was handed down Bolivian Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta addresses the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles and called out the OAS for its role in the coup. "In our very painful experience, the OAS participated in the coup in Bolivia in 2019 which led to a de facto government with the use of lethal force that ended the lives of many Bolivians" he said.

Argentinian President Alberto Fernández also denounced the OAS role in the coup.

Bolivian President Luis Arce boycotted the summit due to the exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the summit.



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