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Lenin on a Speaker's Platform

Updated: Apr 1

Images of Lenin #13

Lenin on a Speaker's Platform, Alexandr Gerasimov (1881-1963), USSR 1930 -- Images of Lenin #13

Also know as Lenin on a Tribune, this painting by Gerasimov was from relatively early in his illustrious career. Gerasimov was the first president of the the Academy of Arts of the USSR from 1947-1957, was named a People’s Artist of the USSR in 1943, was a member of the CPSU and won numerous art prizes. He died in Moscow in 1963.

This is the thirteenth in our new daily feature that will be looking at over 75 international Lenin photographs, sketches, sculptures, artworks and photographs from a Soviet archive of the early 1970s. Many of these are quite scarce and uncommon now and many are truly amazing works and pieces.

These are divided into art, Lenin centennial posters from 1970 and Lenin photographs.

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