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May 19 Red Daily News Wire

International left news links from May 18.


Activist who denounced lack of water in poor neighborhoods in Buenos Aires died of coronavirus


Belgian Doctors and Nurses Turn Backs On Prime Minister In Protest:

"Politicians turned their backs on us, now we do the same to them."

Powerful statement by Belgian doctors and nurses protesting against the government's pandemic response and budget cuts, turning their back on the Belgian Prime Minister as she arrived at a hospital in Brussels.


NDP MPs Question Why Feds Are Working With Amazon


China will make virus vaccine available for public good, Xi says


- Colombia: Social Activist Attacks Continue Amid Pandemic


Cuba Develops Effective Peptide Against COVID-19


Ecuador: Moreno Implements IMF Package Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


German Left demands national rent cover, protests CDU’s pro-real estate policies

Feminism / Women's Issues:

Stalkerware puts those living with abusers in even greater jeopardy during COVID-19 isolation


Goldman Sachs: India's economy will shrink 45% this quarter and suffer a brutal recession this year


WHO Calls for Worldwide Unity and Solidarity

Latin America:

Cuba Sends Medical Brigade to Peru

United Kingdom:

Tories slam the door on foreign care and health workers

United States:

'This Is Dangerous. Ignore Him': Doctors Warn Against Following Trump's Lead as President Claims He's Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Strikes erupt as US essential workers demand protection amid pandemic

In potential death blow to Keystone XL pipeline, Biden says he'd cancel permit

US Big Oil Get Millions in COVID-19 Aid Tax Breaks: Report

Fired Amazon Designer: I Was Punished For Uniting Tech and Warehouse Workers

US lockdown protests may have spread virus widely, cellphone data suggests

Stand with Bre!


Venezuela Reveals More Links Between Opposition and Foiled Plot

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