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On the side of the Cuban Revolution and socialism -- Party of Labour of Austria

At the beginning of this year, the Cuban people celebrated the 65th anniversary of the revolution. On 1 January 1959, the dictator had to flee with his imperialist and mafia friends, and the victorious fighters around Fidel Castro and Che Guevara entered Havana.

Since then, remarkable socialist reconstruction work has been carried out in Cuba, emphasising the strength of the Cuban people, the capabilities of the government of revolutionary people's power and the correctness of Marxism-Leninism. Under the conditions of imperialist interventions and invasion attempts, criminal attacks, the US blockade in violation of international law and despite the loss of Soviet and Eastern European co-operation, the Republic of Cuba has managed to face up to all difficulties and overcome problems. The Cuban Revolution was, is and will remain an example and encouragement for the peoples of the world and for the communist and workers' parties.

The Party of Labour of Austria congratulates the heroic Cuban people on the 65th anniversary of the revolution. It congratulates the government of the revolutionary people's power and the Communist Party of Cuba, which we proudly regard as our sister party. The PdA reaffirms its unwavering internationalist solidarity with Cuba in the defence of self-determination and socialism, in the struggle against the US blockade and other attempts at destabilisation, including those undertaken by the European Union.

We stand in a front of the international revolutionary class struggle against capitalism and imperialism, for the liberation of humanity, which leads along the path of socialism. The Cuban Revolution is a milestone on this path, the Socialist Republic of Cuba an outpost of liberated humanity.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Long live socialism!

Long live international solidarity!


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