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Over 2,300 have been killed, 10,500 wounded in Israeli attacks

Image via the UN on twitter

According to a press release by the Palestinian People's Party (PPP), the Ministry of Health in Gaza has announced that the number of people killed due to Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip has risen to at least 2384 while the number of wounded has reached approximately 10,500 as of October 15.

The ministry had further announced earlier on Saturday evening that 300 Palestinians were killed and 800 injured in the previous 24 hours, many of them children.

The PPP states that for "the ninth consecutive day, the Israeli occupation forces continued their extensive military aggression against the Palestinian people, and their aircraft, battleships and artillery continued to launch violent attacks and raids on the Gaza Strip, targeting citizens, their residential neighborhoods, vehicles and all civilian facilities along the Gaza Strip".

These attacks have led to the killing of "47 families who were completely erased from the civil registry.

The official agency indicated that more than 47 families, including 500 citizens, were completely removed from the civil registry, as a result of massacres in a number of cities and camps in the Gaza Strip."

Meanwhile in the West Bank, the number of Palestinians killed "rose to 55, after the announcement yesterday of the death of the child Muhammad Rifaat Adwan (16 years old) in Tulkarm governorate, while the number of wounded rose to more than 1,100."

Further, Minister of Health Mai Al-Kayla has said that 28 health workers have been killed and dozens injured, during the continuous Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Al-Kayla added in a press release on Saturday that 15 medical centers were damaged by the shelling, Beit Hanoun Hospital and Al-Durra Children's Hospital stopped providing service, and 23 ambulances had been damaged and disrupted.

She renewed an appeal to the international community, the United Nations and human rights, humanitarian and international organizations to provide urgent protection to hospitals, treatment centers, ambulances, health personnel, the sick and the wounded who are subjected daily to Israeli shelling.

The PPP has also issued an urgent appeal for international solidarity which you can read at: Solidarity with Gaza and Palestine!: Statements from around the world (



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