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Remembrance Day event at Nanoose Bay, BC - Freedom from War Coalition

Canadian Forces CFMETR Nanoose Bay BC (Aerial shot, 2010) -- Photo via Ken Walker - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Freedom from War Coalition will join with members of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and the Nanaimo Chapter of the Council of Canadians to observe Remembrance Day at 1 pm Saturday November 11th at the main gate of Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Range at Nanoose Bay (British Columbia) on Powder Point Rd. We plan to assemble peacefully and encourage those involved to speak and reflect on opposing war in all its forms.

This year as we did last year our focus will be seeking a peaceful resolution to the War in Ukraine. For this to become a reality, we must demand that our leaders stop fueling the conflict with more weapons. What the people in the region desperately need is a path to end this war and only diplomacy and sincere peace talks can achieve this. Of course, we will also be seeking to support the people of Palestine as they continue to struggle for their freedom to exist in their own land.

We know we cannot even dream of resolving our climate harm issues without cooperation among all nations. War is that last thing we need as we struggle to deal with our environmental dilemma.

Remembrance Day is not for the glorification of endless war but a thoughtful moment to raise our voices and our energies in the name of justice and peace.

Please join us on the day. Everyone is welcome and all are encouraged to speak.

For more info, please contact

Roger @ 250-510-9460

Brad Langerud 250-668-0591

Eden Haythornthwaite @ 250-709-7975.

Our Facebook page can be found at ‘Freedom from War Coalition’.

To learn more about Nanoose Bay see: Nanoose Bay: What we must do! (



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