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Sevastopol: Hero City of the USSR

Red Army troops in action during the liberation of Sevastopol

From a folder of historic cards published in 1985 on the 40th anniversary of the victory of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War we continue our series looking at the Hero Cities and Fortresses as well as other sites and battles critical to the Soviet victory. The folder was entitled "No one is Forgotten. Nothing is Forgotten."

This seventh post looks at the Hero City of Sevastopol.

It is important to never forget the tremendous determination, courage and sacrifices of the Soviet peoples and Red Army in the great struggle of liberation against Nazism and fascism that was World War II.

The legendary Sevastopol...the symbol of Russian and Soviet naval glory. The heroic fortitude of the defenders of the city is one of the most important reasons the plans of the Nazi command on the southern wing of the Soviet-German front were foiled.

In October 1941, the Nazis broke into the Crimea and intended to capture Sevastopol on the move, but they miscalculated. The enemy poured deadly fire on the city. But the faithful defenders of the city stood unshakably - the soldiers of the Primorsky Army, the Black Sea sailors, the people's militias, the fighter and communist battalions. Every day in September - October 1941, thousands of Sevastopol residents went out to build defensive lines. The city's industry provided the front with 5 armored trains, 2,710 mortars, about 650,000 various mines, over 500,000 grenades, 10,000 bombs and many other munitions. For 250 days the sea stronghold remained impregnable. Selflessly, steadfastly, to the last drop of blood, the Sevastopol residents defended every inch of land, inflicting enormous damage on the enemy. The communists and Komsomol members were the first to rise into battle. Three times the Nazi command carried out offensive operations to capture Sevastopol. During the eight months of the heroic defense of Sevastopol, the enemy lost up to 300,000 soldiers and officers killed and wounded, 400 tanks, 900 aircraft. The partisans provided great assistance to the Sevastopol residents.

On July 4, 1942, Soviet troops were forced to leave the city. But Sevastopol believed in victory. During the occupation, an underground party organization operated in the city, which led 17 patriotic groups.

In the course of the Crimean operation on May 9, 1944, Sevastopol was liberated by the troops of the 4th Ukrainian Front. Many glorious heroes were born on Sevastopol land. 126 Soviet soldiers for heroism and courage shown during the liberation of the city were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, thousands were awarded orders and medals, 118 formations and units were given the honorary name of Sevastopol. More than 39,000 people were awarded the medal "For the Defense of Sevastopol". In May 1965, the Hero City of Sevastopol was awarded the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal.

A celebration of the anniversary of the city's liberation. In the foreground is the famed Monument to the Scuttled Ships and in the background can be seen the Sevastopol Hero City Obelisk.


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