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International Workers' Day - 14 historic posters

Today, May 1st, is International Workers' Day, a celebration of working class solidarity and militancy around the world.

A holiday in many countries, May Day is a proud tradition that spans more than a hundred years, May Day was originally meant to commemorate the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886.

Despite its partial US origins, May Day, of course, is not a holiday in the United States, nor is it one in Canada -- a fact that one day must be changed!

Every May Day, leftist and labour groups, parties, unions and movements hold rallies and parades to mark the day.

Here are 14 terrific, historic May Day posters from a variety of countries.

Happy International Workers' Day!

Workers of the World Unite!

KPD, Germany 1929

Mexico, 1947

Soviet Russia, 1921

USSR 1920s

May 1st. Long Live the Holiday of the Working People of All Countries! - Soviet Russia, 1920

Australia 1942

Palestine 1980s

Mexico 1940s

France, 1936

Long Live May 1st! , Lithuanian SSR

Long Live May Day!- Lithuanian SSR, c. 1965

1 May - Czechoslovak Socialist Republic IWD Poster c. 1975

May 1, Everyone with Fidel at the Plaza de la Revolucion - Cuba, 1965

Australia, 2016



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