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Spicy Ramen Salad Wrap

By Julia Laxer

Asian style salad rolls are a refreshing and relatively easy thing to make at home. Here I am jazzing the standard roll up by adding spicy pan fried ramen noodles to them.

To make this you will need rice paper of the kind used for Vietnamese spring rolls, shrimp rolls, etc.

You will also need the ramen noodle pack of your choosing. I used Buldak Carbonara SamYang Spicy Ramen which is cheesy and very spicy.

This is also good as it is a stir fried style noodle as opposed to a soup.

You will also need whatever other ingredients you might want to add. You can add any number of chopped or sliced vegetables, kimchi, or thin sliced meat such as cooked steak or chicken. Here I went with sliced cucumbers and carrots.

Prepare the ramen with its sauce and, when done, drain any remaining liquid.

Prepare the rice paper as per the instructions by soaking it.

Layout each piece of rice paper and top with some of the ramen. Then roll leaving about half of the rice paper to go.

Add your other toppings to the unrolled portion.

Complete the rolls by rolling these in tightly.

These are great on their own or with dipping sauces on the side.



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