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Steak and potato breakfast sandwich

With a hash brown patty, slice of beef and an egg, this take on the breakfast sandwich is like ordering steak and eggs at your favourite diner. It also much better than the fare offered up by fast food joints.

Main photo by Julia Laxer

North Americans love breakfast sandwiches enough that almost all the major fast food chains have one. And, as a general rule, they are not very good.

But making a really good breakfast sandwich at home is not hard. The easiest is to fry an egg and have it with ham and cheese on a bun or English Muffin. Where is the fun in that though?

Here we are going to make one that is much more exciting! Think of it as a steak and potato or steak and eggs breakfast sandwich. And, as long as you have some leftover steak or roast in the fridge, it is quick and easy.

Really any leftover steak or slice of beef roast will do. Here I used a piece that had been made with an onion jus. Or you could make a roast on the rotisserie as we have outlined and then save some for the next day. If you have a piece of leftover steak that is great too.

At any rate, either find or cut a piece that is not too thick and that fits the bread.

You can reheat the meat or just let it sit out for half an hour or so and come to room temperature, which is how I generally like to have leftover beef.

Then make your egg. On sandwiches especially I like eggs cooked sunny side up. This will make the yoke break when you first bite in and it will drizzle down over the rest of the sandwich.

I make sunny side up eggs by melting some butter in a cast iron pan on high, cracking in the eggs and cooking them for about a minute or two, then turning down the heat to low, covering them with a plate or pot lid, and cooking them a few minutes more until ready.

Finally, the potato. Here I like to use a hash brown patty of the type you can get in the frozen food section of any grocery. If you have one, make it in the air fryer so it comes out nice and crispy. If not, try cooking it for 2 or 3 minutes longer than the instructions call for in the oven as this can have something of the same effect.

On a lightly buttered toasted bun or an English muffin place your hash brown patty on first, then the steak/beef slice and then top with the egg.

A vegetarian option can remove the beef and just have the hash brown and egg, or replace the beef with a tomato slice. You can also make with a sausage patty as an alternative to the beef.

A great breakfast sandwich without the need to go fast food.


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