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The Christmas Cookie Book -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Butterscotch Cutouts, Raspberry Marzipan Cookies, Sour Cream Cookies and more.

Vintage Cookbook: The Christmas Cookie Book- Virginia Pasley

Publication Details: First published in 1949, multiple editions after that

Virginia Pasley's The Christmas Cookie Book is something of a seasonal classic and a real must for those who like to bake holiday treats. Originally published in 1949 it went through many printings over the years.

My copy, a 14th printing, is very well-loved which may show in the scans.

Pasley starts with a nostalgic remembrance of Christmas and Christmas baking with her mother, grandmother and family in general.

Then she heads into the recipes divided according to how long the treats will last ( "Cookies that Keep" to "Cookies that Won't Keep") followed by a section of "general" cookies that has what may be seen as "hall of fame" style goodies.

There is also a section about cookie tools and ingredients.

Here I have selected two recipes from each section. Enjoy with other favourites this holiday season despite any other limitations!


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