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The Cuban Revolution: a historic milestone of heroism and hope for revolutionaries around the world

A solidarity message from the Communist Party of Chile.

Cubans rally in defense of the revolution, July 17, 2021

January 1 marked the 64th anniversary of the victory of the Cuban Revolution. The Communist Party of Chile -- which recently released a remarkable statement in honour of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the USSR -- has released another amazing statement hailing this tremendous victory for the peoples of the Americas.

We have translated it from the Spanish:

The Communist Party of Chile sends a fraternal greetings to you, the Communist Party and the Cuban people on the occasion of the 64th Anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, which marked a historic milestone of heroism and hope for revolutionaries around the world.

Cuba, 90 miles from the United States, established the first socialist revolution in Latin America by defeating the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, changing the economic, political and social foundations of society and handing control of its destiny to the popular masses, led by Commander Fidel Castro Ruz, to whom we also pay tribute today.

From that moment another story began to be written where the protagonist was the organized people, who recovered their sovereignty through Agrarian Reform, the nationalization of foreign companies, literacy and the development of education, culture, health and biotechnology, which have made it possible to be the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean that developed its own vaccines against Covid-19, in addition to sharing their achievements with other peoples who need them.

We reaffirm our condemnation of the criminal campaign of imperialism, which does not cease in its harassment of the Cuban Revolution, despite all the condemnations by the international community embodied in the UN resolutions against the economic, financial and commercial blockade on the island.

Despite all the difficulties, the Cuban people hold their flags high and show resistance and dignity and solidarity to the whole world.

This anniversary acquires special relevance at a time when imperialism and the extreme right deploy an offensive against democratic processes and the left throughout our region, against which the Cuban Revolution is and will be a bulwark of revolutionaries around the world for its tireless Latin Americanist and anti-imperialist struggle.

Our Party reaffirms its solidarity with them and wishes them success in the struggle for the defense of sovereignty and the construction of socialism.

Long live the 64th Anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution!





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