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This is the way! - Photos of palaces expropriated by the Bolsheviks for workers

During the Bolshevik revolution and the creation of socialism in the USSR, the grand palaces and estates of the nobility and ruling class were expropriated and put to much better use as resorts, sanitoriums and other facilities for the working-class, their children and society.

These early expropriations formed the basis for an exceptional network of children's palaces, holiday camps, and workers health spas that existed across the USSR and that were either heavily subsidized, or in many cases, free of charge.

We have looked at examples of this in posts like Artek: The vast Soviet internationalist complex of children's camps. We will look at this further in the future.

Here we look at pictures of the "Palaces of rulers of yesterday dedicated to the welfare of the rulers of today", those rulers being the working people. They are from a January, 1924 issue of Soviet Russia Pictorial Magazine.

Forget milquetoast social democratic nothingness about minor tax increases on the ultra-wealthy, this is the way! Expropriation. It has been done before. It will be done again.

Reconvalscent Workers in Former Czarist castle "Livadia"

Former Czarist Castle "Livadia," now workers Sanatorium

Worker Sanitorium "Gursof," Crimean. Former Summer Palace of Exploiter.

Former "Castle Dulber," now Public Rest home for Workers

Children celebrate their Freedom in Russia

Soviet Sanitorium "Browbrow" for workers and peasants children in Crimean. Former Palace of an Industrial King


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