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UAW University of California workers vote to strike over Palestine protest crackdown

Image via UAW Local 4811

Members of the union representing academic workers at the University of California (UC) system -- UAW Local 4811 -- have voted to authorize a strike in response to the violent crackdown by police, prompted by administrations, on Palestinian solidarity protests on its 10 campuses as well as to UCLA’s failure to prevent a violent attack by a pro-Israel group on its Palestinian solidarity encampment. UAW 4811 represents 48,000 academic student employees and researchers.

The vote was not even in close, with 79% voting in favour.

The strike vote came after the union filed Unfair Labor Practice charges in the state in response to UC system’s actions against peaceful protesters – including UAW 4811 members.

They wanted the vote "to show UC Administration that this unprecedented crackdown on free speech on University campuses is unacceptable. Our members have been beaten, concussed, pepper sprayed, both by counter-protestors and by police forces. As a union, it is our responsibility to stand beside them and demand that UC stop committing these gross Unfair Labor Practices."

The plan is for rolling strikes beginning Monday, May 20 at UC Santa Cruz.

The UC Administration is trying to have the strikes declared illegal and in violation of the existing collective agreement.



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