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UK union Unite condemns "inhumane blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba"

Cubans at a mass rally in defense of the Revolution and against the blockade, Havana July 17 -- image via Twitter

One of the UK's leading unions Unite -- which has over 1.3 million members -- has "declared its belief that recent disturbances in Cuba have at their root cause the inhumane blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and which adversely effects many countries that wish to trade with Cuba."

In a July 21 press release Unite General Secretary, Len McCluskey states:

Florida was held by Trump in last year’s presidential election. Biden, with an eye on a possible re-election campaign, has effectively thrown in his lot with the extreme Right-wing in Miami, leading members of which, including the mayor of Miami, have even advocated air strikes against Cuba.

He continues:

The simplest measure President Biden could take to avert any crisis in Cuba would be to lift the blockade. The Cubans already possess the necessary infrastructure to ensure that materials and medicines get to where they are most needed.
Talk of a ‘humanitarian corridor’ is cover for US intervention; from Guatemala in 1954 through to Chile in 1973 and elsewhere more recently US intervention in Latin America has never been beneficial for working people.
We stand with the Cuban unions which have said ‘What Cuba needs is for the blockade to be eliminated.’ Unite calls on President Biden to immediately and unconditionally lift the illegal blockade.

The release states further:

The United States has been running a blockade against Cuba for almost 60 years. Since 1990 the blockade has been condemned year after year as unlawful by the United Nations general assembly. The United States and its singular ally Israel are perpetually on the losing side in this vote, that even the UK under Johnson supports.
Such is the all-embracing nature of the blockade that last year a consignment of Covid-19 medical aid, including PPE, ventilators and testing equipment, was prevented from reaching the island.

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