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V. I. Lenin with Sükhbaatar, painting 1972

Images of Lenin #72

V. I. Lenin with Sükhbaatar, painting, A. Sengetsokhio, Mongolian People's Republic 1972 -- Images of Lenin #72

Damdin Sükhbaatar was a Mongolian Communist and revolutionary, a founding member of the Mongolian People's Party and played a pivotal role in the Mongolian Revolution of 1921 that led to the formation of the Mongolian People's Republic, the world's second communist and workers' state.

This is the seventy-second in our daily feature that will be looking at over 75 international Lenin photographs, sketches, sculptures, artworks and photographs from a Soviet archive of the early 1970s. Many of these are quite scarce and uncommon now and many are truly amazing works and pieces.

These are divided into art, Lenin centennial posters from 1970 and Lenin photographs.

We will share them with history and quotes where appropriate.

They will eventually all also be shared in three posts related to the major themes.

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