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Venezuela's National Assembly condemns John Bolton's coup remarks

In a moment of unusual honesty former Trump administration National Security Advisor and war hawk John Bolton admitted on CNN that he had been directly involved in planning an unsuccessful coup in Venezuela in 2019.

You can watch video of the admission on July 13 here:

President of Venezuela's National Assembly Jorge Rodriguez denounced the remarks and said they were "an extraordinary feat of brazenness." National Assembly deputy Pedro Infante said further that this "confession is more proof in a long list of actions and direct attacks by US imperialism against the free peoples of the world." The National Assembly voted unanimously to condemn Bolton's comments.

After some blowback in the US itself Bolton said on Friday, July 15 "This is something that some of the snowflakes on the left were kind of shocked at. But when you're looking out for America's best interests, you do what's necessary to protect those interests."

It is possible that some liberals were shocked by Bolton's remarks but other than in their forthrightness anyone with any knowledge of the US and its history of engineering coups and meddling in the affairs of countless countries would not have found what he said shocking at all.

As Radio Havana noted the "United States has a long history of carrying out coups in other countries. Still, usually, the officials of the country never openly admit their role in them."



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