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Venezuelan Presidential Campaigns Kick Off

Nicolás Maduro speaks at a rally -- image via Nicolás Maduro screenshot on X

By Global News Service

This past week saw the official launch of the electoral campaign in Venezuela, which will last until July 25. The current president, Nicolás Maduro, of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and the right-wing leader Edmundo González Urrutia, of the United Democratic Platform, are currently leading the polls for the July 28 elections.

The initial campaign strategy of both candidates consisted of marching through the streets of Caracas hoping to show massive support for their candidacies. Both candidates focused on displaying religious symbols, discussing a hopeful future, and praising national emblems. However, their political speeches were vastly different.

González Urrutia, who wore a jersey of the Venezuelan National Soccer Team, said that his campaign “initiates… the path of change to recover Venezuela.” The opposition candidate, who often appears alongside right-wing coup supporter María Corina Machado to project an image of support from the most right-wing groups in the country, promised to improve salaries and the national economy. He has also focused his political rhetoric on the concept of “freedom.”

The Maduro campaign, called “Our Venezuela of the XXI Century,” focused on highlighting the social achievements and the continuity of the Bolivarian process that has been leading the country since 1999. “I extend my hands to everyone; we have gone through hard and heroic times and we have overcome one by one the challenges. In the face of every [foreign] sanction, [we propose] a solution; in the face of every aggression, more revolution,” Maduro said.



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