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What could be tastier? -- 4 Soviet mushroom recipes from 1966

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Vintage Cookbook TBT w. Mushrooms in Sour Cream, Mushroom Soup w. Barley, Pickled Mushrooms & Salted Mushrooms.

In this departure from our normal Vintage Cookbook TBT feature we are looking at an article from the August, 1965 issue of the English language magazine Soviet Union Today featuring 4 mushroom recipes along with illustrations of a variety of different mushroom types.

Foraging for mushrooms was immensely popular in the Soviet Union and remains so in Russia today. Russia Beyond wrote of it in 2018 in the piece What’s up with the Russian lust for mushrooms? and in 2013 the New York Times had an article entitled ‘If You Are Normal, You Search for Mushrooms’ that noted that at least part of the reason is that some of the best mushrooms in the world are found there.

These four mushroom recipes reflect classic styles of mushroom preparation. The "Mushrooms in Sour Cream" is a side dish that really couldn't be easier to make and is delicious.

Before the recipes we have included the introductory text.

Please remember, mushroom foraging can be very dangerous as many mushrooms are poisonous and can make you very sick or even kill you. Also, if you are interested in preparing something like the salted or pickled mushrooms shown here be sure to consult an up-to-date and modern guide to doing so as incorrect or faulty preparation of such dishes can result in very serious forms of food poisoning like botulism. These two recipes are provided strictly for interest and as social history.

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