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A Century of Struggle, Communist Party of Canada documentary launches Dec. 12

As part of its centennial celebration the Communist Party of Canada has released a documentary, A Century of Struggle: The Story of the Communist Party of Canada that debuts Dec. 12. They have announced the premier times as well as putting out a final trailer.

The Communist Party of Canada turned 100 years old on May 28, 2021. On Sunday, May 30 the party celebrated 100 years of fighting for socialism with an online event at which an upcoming documentary A Century of Struggle: The Story of the Communist Party of Canada was announced and an initial trailer released.

The trailer shows that the documentary will be a sweeping look at the party's history, its impact on the lives of its members and on the country and the rebound from the critical days after the counter-revolutions in Eastern Europe and the USSR. It features many figures from the party's past and present including legendary leader Tim Buck, former leader Miguel Figueroa and present leader Elizabeth Rowley.

Now a release date of December 12 has been announced along with a Facebook event launch and a You Tube premiere. A new trailer has also been released.

Launch times:

10am BC

11am AB

Noon SK + MB

1pm ON + QC

2pm NS

2:30pm NL.

New trailer:

Original extended trailer:


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