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At least 109 Palestinians already killed as slaughter in Gaza begins again

The slaughter in Gaza has begun again after the humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas broke down on Friday morning (December 1).

Al Jazeera reports that:

The number of people killed in Israeli attacks since the expiration of the truce has now reached 109, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health.
Hundreds of people have also been wounded.
The Israeli army resumed its bombardment of Gaza this morning, targeting residential areas and refugee camps across the densely populated territory.

It is also being reported that the "Israeli Army has announced that Khan Younis, the biggest settlement in southern Gaza, is now considered a war zone."

Palestinian residents of the settlement are desperately trying to rescue people trapped in the rubble of these renewed and indiscriminate Israeli bombings.

According to Al Jazeera, Ibrahim Hamdan, a resident of Khan Younis, said he was home when he suddenly heard the sound of bombs hitting his neighbour’s house.

“We ran out and saw the entire block destroyed. Over 10 homes were damaged by Israel’s bombings. Families managed to rescue some children. We hope they will survive.”

Israel is claiming that Hamas is responsible for the resumption of fighting, but Hamas "said in a statement on Friday that the responsibility for the resumption of hostilities and the attacks on the Gaza Strip lies entirely with Israel, which has rejected all proposals for the release of hostages."

Meanwhile the Turkish Anadolu new agency says that Al-Aqsa satellite photojournalist, Abdullah Darwish was killed today according to the government media office in the Gaza Strip.

Montaser al-Sawaf, a cameraperson for Anadolu in the Gaza Strip, was also killed in an Israeli air raid.

The Gaza government media office said the killings brought the total number of journalists killed by Israeli attacks since October to at least 72 while in its most recent update, the Committee to Protect Journalists has put the number of journalists and media workers confirmed dead at 57.

This all comes despite an Israeli opinion poll released on Friday that showed even 54% of Israelis support the continuation of the humanitarian pause.



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