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Bloodied Baby Dolls Left Outside White House to Protest Biden's Complicity in Gaza

"We are here to let Biden know that he can no longer hide from genocide."

By Jon Queally, Common Dreams

As part of a worldwide day of action protesting the ongoing military assault on Gaza by Israel, activists in Washington, D.C. left a pile of bloodied baby doll parts outside the White House on Saturday as they denounced U.S. complicity in the military campaign that has left over 23,000 Palestinians dead, including over 10,000 children and babies.

"Biden is hiding inside the White House protected by a fence, military police, and snipers on the roof while the children in besieged Gaza are left unprotected from Israel's genocidal bombing that kills five children every hour. That’s around 117 children murdered daily!” declared Jodie Evans, the co-founder of the anti-war group CodePink, which spearheaded the direct action.

"We are here to let Biden know that he can no longer hide from genocide," Evans added. "The blood of the over 10,000 murdered children in Gaza is on his hands."

Earlier in the day, CodePink and other groups participated in a march and rally organized by the American Muslim Task Force for Palestine demanding an immediate cease-fire in Gaza as well as an end to the U.S.-led bombing of Yemen over recent days which threatens to expand the Israeli assault into a wider regional war.

During the rally, CodePink's other co-founder, Medea Benjamin, referred to the president as "Genocide Joe" as she denounced U.S. complicity that provides both weapons and political backing to the Israeli government, which this week faced genocide charges at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

"We are building a beautiful, enormous groundswell of support for the Palestinian people," said Benjamin, "one that cannot be bought or appeased or contained or stopped, one that will keep growing and going until Palestine is free.”

Following the release earlier this week of new death toll numbers showing that over 10,000 children had been killed in nearly 100 days of Israeli bombing, Save the Children's Jason Lee said, "There can never be any justification for killing children. The situation in Gaza is monstrous and a blight on our common humanity."

Jon Queally is managing editor of Common Dreams.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). Feel free to republish and share widely.


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