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Continue the struggle for peace and people’s rights -- The PCP on Palestine

Thousands of small Palestinian flags to symbolize those killed by Israel in Gaza are laid out at a vigil held by the PCP in solidarity with Gaza in Lisbon, November 3

As part of the Communiqué of the Central Committee of November 18, 2023, the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) issued this excellent statement on Palestine:

Continue the struggle for peace and people’s rights


1. The evolution of the international situation is marked by events that constitute serious expressions of imperialism's strategy of confrontation and war in a context marked by the deepening of the structural crisis of capitalism and the development of a vast process of rearrangement of forces at the international level. Such developments underline the correctness of the PCP's positions in defence of peace, against militarism, war and fascism, for the rights of workers and peoples, in defence of democracy and national sovereignty.


2. The Central Committee of the PCP firmly condemns Israel's escalation of war against the Palestinian people, as well as the announced decision by the Israeli government to militarily occupy Palestinian territories in the Gaza Strip, thus confirming the central objective of this war: taking further the strategy of occupation and expulsion of populations with which Israel tries to make any political solution to the Palestinian issue unviable.


3. Reiterating its stand of condemnation of actions that target populations, the Central Committee denounces and condemns the hypocrisy of those who, in the name of “Israel's right to defence” seek to justify the atrocities and barbarism that Israel is carrying out and which, in several countries, try to criminalise and repress the broad and growing movement of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Valuing the adoption by a large majority in the UN General Assembly of a resolution that, among other aspects, calls for an immediate, lasting and sustained humanitarian truce leading to the cessation of hostilities, the Central Committee of the PCP denounces the positions of the US, the European Union and several European countries of objective connivance and support for Israel's crimes.

The Central Committee of the PCP demands from the sovereignty bodies actions aimed at an immediate ceasefire and urgent aid to the Palestinian population, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip and the end of the blockade of this Palestinian territory and of the expulsion of its population.


4. Valuing and saluting the broad movement that in Portugal and worldwide is demonstrating and broadening in defence of Peace in the Middle East and for the rights of the Palestinian people, the Central Committee of the PCP expresses its profound solidarity with the Palestinian people and their struggle for their national rights, and for the construction of the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem and the right of return for refugees, in compliance with UN resolutions.



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