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Could the federal NDP and its apologists please stop with the bullshit

At what point will the federal NDP and its apologists admit what everyone else can see: the NDP has entered into a de facto coalition agreement with the Liberals and Trudeau, they are the junior partners in that agreement, they have utterly capitulated to Trudeau for very little in return, their continuing efforts to claim they are somehow different from the Liberals and that the Liberals are still just like the Conservatives are obviously false (or they too are just like the Conservatives) and the NDP and its MPs are now little more than Liberal backbenchers.

To be clear, unlike the right I think the coalition agreement between the Liberals and the NDP makes perfect sense. They are very closely aligned ideologically and there is actually very little that separates them other than distant history, the distorted loathing their partisans have for each other and their internal political cultures.

The agreement was also totally legitimate given the nature of our flawed democracy. Canadians voted in a way that allowed the Liberals and the NDP to have a majority in parliament if they choose to and that is the way our system works.

Hilariously though, NDP MPs and partisans continue to act as if this coalition agreement does not exist and as if the NDP is not propping up the Trudeau government until 2025.

This is typical of delusional NDP partisans who have also tried to completely ignore the disgraceful Horgan government in BC other than when it occasionally suits their interests.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

Take this ludicrous fundraising ad on Facebook:

Stand with Jagmeet against what, exactly? The government he is in a coalition with? And if the Conservatives and Liberals are "in it for themselves" why is Jagmeet in a coalition with the Liberals?

It actually hurts the brain to think someone released this.

Then there is this:

Good for Rank and File for calling it out as the tweet by Davies is a farce. Especially given he is from BC.

Even the supposed left critics of the NDP get in on the act as this dumbfounding exchange on Twitter shows:

How can an exchange like this be taken seriously when they do not mention the fact that the NDP is propping up the Liberals until 2025? The reason they are certain to be in power until 2025 is the NDP.

Anything that the Liberals do as long as the NDP is propping them up is 100% on the NDP just as much as it is on Trudeau. And if that fact makes you uncomfortable as a so-called left New Democrat then maybe it is time to wake up.



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