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Cypriots Hit the Streets With a Massive Display of Solidarity With Palestine

Image from the march on December 3 in Nicosia -- image via Facebook

By Global News Service

On December 3, a major Palestine solidarity demonstration was organized in Nicosia by the progressive groups in Cyprus. The “Peace March” was called by the Pancyprian Peace Council, along with other progressive groups such as the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL), United Democratic Youth Organization, POGO Women’s Movement, Pancyprian Federation of Labor, and the Green Movement-Citizens’ Cooperation. The Ambassador of Palestine to Cyprus, Abdallah Attari, also attended the march.

The Pancyprian Peace March called for the immediate end of the genocidal war in Gaza by Israel, an end to Israeli occupation and colonization, and freedom for Palestine.

The participants in the rally demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy and the European Parliament Office in Cyprus. Outside the Israeli embassy in Nicosia, the POGO Women’s movement unfurled a huge banner that read “How many more dead children?”

While addressing the Peace March, the secretary general of the World Peace Council (WPC), Haris Pasias, noted that the Cypriot people “know that the struggle against imperialism and the struggle to defend peace, freedom, and justice is common to all peoples of the earth.”

“We will not stop taking to the streets until a full ceasefire and an end to the war are implemented,” Pasias added.

AKEL Secretary General Stefanos Stefanou addressed the demonstration, reiterating AKEL’s solidarity with the people of Palestine, “against the criminal policy of the State of Israel” and stated that it will continue until the Palestinian people attain freedom.”

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