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Everywhere He Goes, Biden Is Haunted by the Martyrs of Gaza

Supporters of a ceasefire in Gaza protest a visit to Dallas by Joe Biden, January 8 -- image via screenshot

By Global News Service

Biden is disrupted on the campaign trail at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina by protesters shouting “Ceasefire now!” and later gets on a flight to the Dallas airport, where more protesters are waiting for him. Biden’s speech at a Virginia campaign event is interrupted 13 separate times, and as he leaves, his motorcade is met with more protests. Biden, who brands himself as the “most pro-union president” is called out by union workers for his support for the genocide in Gaza as he is receiving the endorsement of one of the largest unions in the country. Biden’s staff attempt to hold a “morale-boosting party” as their boss’s approval rating tanks and more and more men, women, and children in Gaza die from U.S.-made bombs, only to be yelled at by protesters shouting “Quit your job!”

Biden and his administration continue to actively fund the onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza. On January 26, the same day that the International Court of Justice found plausibility to South Africa’s claims that Israel is committing genocide, the State Department cut off funding to the main UN relief agency in Gaza, UNRWA, based on allegations that 12 of the agency’s employees were involved in the October 7 Palestinian resistance operation. Biden has bypassed Congress several times to provide weapons to Israel. Biden refuses to call for a ceasefire, and the White House has even gone so far as to call the progressive push for a ceasefire within Congress “repugnant.”


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