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Israeli Forces Leave Al-Shifa Hospital After Killing Hundreds of Palestinians and Turning Gaza’s Largest Hospital Into Ruins

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By Global News Service

After occupying Al-Shifa Hospital for over two weeks, Israeli forces finally withdrew on April 1. Gaza’s largest hospital has been completely destroyed with a large number of bodies scattered all over and the building itself is in ruins.

Hundreds of bodies of civilians were found at different corners of the hospital building by Gaza authorities following the withdrawal of occupying Israeli forces. Israeli forces destroyed the temporary cemetery built by those inside the hospital premises, digging up the bodies from their graves and leaving them at different parts of the hospital.

Dozens of people taking shelter in the nearby buildings were killed inside the hospital premises. A large number of bodies were found burnt and decomposed.

According to the World Health Organization, at least 21 patients were killed during the two-week long siege of the hospital. There were around 107 patients in the hospital at the time when Israeli forces attacked and captured it along with hundreds of other Palestinians taking shelter from war. The patients were apparently shifted to an old corner of the hospital. However, their whereabouts were not clear after the Israeli forces left with a large part of the building and the adjacent structures were burnt down and left in ruins.

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, some medical staff of the hospital were killed by Israeli forces, and Israeli forces did not allow the civil defense teams to put out the fire in the hospital, causing massive damage to equipment.



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