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Leftists in US, UK and Greece denounce imperialist air strikes on Yemen

In a dangerous and unacceptable escalation of imperialist aggression, the US and UK launched air strikes on targets in Yemen in an attempt to counter the actions of the Houthis in the Red Sea in solidarity with the people of Palestine and Gaza.

Leftists in both countries denounced these illegal and outrageous acts of violence.

In the US the Party for Socialism and Liberation called it "a disgusting act of aggression and a huge escalation in the Biden administration’s attacks in the Middle East."

They also held a protest outside the White House:

In the UK the Communist Party of Britain released the following statement:

Yet again, British armed forces under US command are attacking a Middle East country on the pretext of defending freedom, human rights and international law. This time, the target is Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world after a long civil war against a series of royal dictatorships backed by Saudi Arabia and Western imperialist powers.

Ludicrously, the Prime Minister Sunak and Foreign Secretary Shapps claim that the bombing and shelling of Yemen is about restoring stability and protecting innocent lives in the region.

The real US-UK motives are to defend commercial interests affected by the Houthi movement's targeted attacks on Israeli maritime trade.

If the British and US governments gave a damn about defending freedom, human rights and international law, they would be taking action against Israel's genocidal destruction of Palestinian society in Gaza.

Instead, it's left to the South African government and the Houthis to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people, while Labour Party leader Keir Starmer refuses to back an unconditional ceasfire in Gaza and supports the new war on Yemen.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) continues to hold protests against moves by the Greek government to send military frigates to the Red Sea:

On 11/1/24, the KKE held a symbolic demonstration outside the Salamis Naval Station, against the government’s plans to send a frigate to the Red Sea, involving the country deeper in dangerous war plans.

“No involvement of Greece in the US-NATO plans and the war in the Middle East. No Greek frigates outside our country’s borders”, the banner read, while party members handed out the Party’s leaflets to sailors and Navy personnel.

During the demonstration, the forces of the KKE demanded that the decision to deploy the Greek frigate be annulled, that all military units abroad return home and that the bases, which have spread across the country, turning it into a launching pad for war in the context of imperialist plans, be closed.

The aim of the US-NATO forces is not to protect shipping from the attacks of the Houthi rebels, as they claim, but to control this strategically important area, in the context of imperialist rivalries and to support the occupying state of Israel that massacres the Palestinian people.


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