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Lenin's Cause

V. I. Lenin, P. Staronosov, USSR 1935

"We are not saying anything new. Today everybody, even the colonialists and imperialists, fully realizes that without the victorious Great October Revolution, without the establishment and consolidation of the world's first socialist state—the Soviet Union—and without the successful continuation of Lenin's cause, the oppressed peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America would have remained in the darkness of colonial slavery. The political map of the world would have looked quite different, for the anti-imperialist, national-liberation movement would not have assumed the scope and power it has today. Everybody knows that the Leninist analysis of imperialism and imperialist domination is a powerful weapon for the national-liberation movement and all forces fighting imperialism." - Quote from 1971, Jorge del Prado, General Secretary of the Peruvian Communist Party

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