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MSF worker killed as UN warns it will suspend aid operations in Gaza

Image via MSF on X

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is condemning the killing of yet another of their colleagues in Gaza. Fadi Al-Wadiya, a 33-year-old physiotherapist and father of three was killed in an attack along with 5 other people including 3 children, "while he was cycling to work, near the MSF clinic where he was providing care."

He is the sixth MSF worker to be killed since the start of Israel's war on Gaza on October 7.

“Killing a healthcare worker while on his way to provide vital medical care to wounded victims of the endless massacres across Gaza is beyond shocking; it’s cynical and abhorrent,” says Caroline Seguin, MSF operations manager for Palestine.

Meanwhile Al Jazeera reports that "senior United Nations officials have told Israel the organisation will suspend aid operations across Gaza unless urgent steps are taken to better protect humanitarian workers".

According to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), 445 attacks by the Israeli military damaging 188 different UN facility premises have been reported since the start of the war. The Israeli military has also killed 193 UN staff.

As Al Jazeera notes, the UN World Food Programme has already suspended aid delivery from a US-built pier in Gaza over security concerns.



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