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No new Cold War!

The most fatal and dangerous virus is capitalism!

Anti-NATO protest, Washington DC March 2019

July 1 saw the release of two powerful statements initiated by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) condemning NATO, imperialism and plans for a new Cold War against China and Russia. To date the letters have been endorsed by 45 Communist and Workers' parties around the world..

The Communist and Worker’s Parties of the NATO member states wish to say in a loud and clear voice that we condemn the aggressive anti-communist rhetoric coming out of the latest meeting of NATO leadership. The US, the de-facto leader of the NATO alliance has made it clear that its interests lie in igniting a “new Cold War” centered around anti-Chinese and anti-communist propaganda. This is a threat to all workers around the world.

It goes on to note:

Some might have hoped that with the election of a new president, the US might become less hostile towards The People’s Republic of China (PRC), but they would now be greatly disappointed. In many ways, the foreign policy of the Biden presidency has amped up the hostility towards China and its largest strategic ally, Russia.
At the most recent meeting of the leaders of NATO alliance - an alliance’s that owes its whole existence to policies of anti-communist aggression – “new Cold War” rhetoric was abundant. NATO’s general secretary Jan Stoltenberg even said that “the rise of China” presents a security threat to NATO. Why does the world’s largest country lifting itself out of poverty constitute a security threat to the NATO powers? The answer is that it doesn’t. It does however constitute a threat to US hegemony and capitalist’s profits.
Both China and its strategic ally Russia, find themselves surrounded on all sides by hundreds of US and NATO military bases. Despite promises to not expand in to Eastern Europe, NATO has continuously expanded closer and closer to Russia’s borders and is aiding anti-Russian, fascist forces in Ukraine while using economic sanctions to punish the people of Russia.

The statement ends "History cannot be allowed to repeat itself in an even more dangerous form. No new Cold War!"

The Communist and Workers’ Parties declare loud and clear that they denounce the aggressive plans of the imperialist organization of NATO, which are being escalated following its recent Summit. New and old pretexts are being utilized such as security, defence, climate change, cyberattacks, and other asymmetric threats in order to escalate their aggression against the peoples, causing a new unbridled arms race.
The “NATO 2030” agenda, which is essentially the strategic doctrine of NATO for the next decade, updates and implements all the previous dangerous decisions taken over the previous period. Thus, “NATO 2030” constitutes the escalation of aggression, a preparation for war, and a proof of fierce competition with Russia and China. The military encirclement of Russia, the targeting of China and Iran, the announcement about a nuclear first strike, and the giant exercise “DEFENDER-Europe 21” refute any bogus claims about “the peace and security of the peoples”.

It continues:

The peoples have shed enough blood!
They have the power to fight against the dangerous plans and to strengthen the struggle in every country against NATO and any kind of imperialist plans that massacre the peoples; against military bases and any kind of weapons of mass destruction possessed by the imperialists.
They need to struggle to form the conditions for the workers and their power to end inter-imperialist competition, wars, and organizations.
The most fatal and dangerous virus is capitalism!


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