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Portuguese Communists denounce NATO complicity in Gaza and fuelling of Ukraine war

Ahead of the upcoming NATO Summit (July 9-11) in Washington, the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) has issued a statement denouncing the organization's complicity in the ongoing Gaza slaughter and its role in the Ukraine war.

The Central Committee of the PCP alerts to the seriousness and dangers of the policy of the US, NATO and the European Union of increasing international tension, instigating confrontation, militarism and war, particularly in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, which will be evidenced at the coming NATO summit and which is accompanied by worsening exploitation and attacks on rights, sovereignty and democracy.

Denouncing and condemning the support of the US and other NATO and EU powers for the occupation of Palestine and their complicity in Israel's crimes, the Central Committee of the PCP calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and humanitarian aid for the population, an end to the violent repression in the West Bank, the materialisation of the Palestinian people's right to a sovereign and independent state, with the 1967 borders and capital in East Jerusalem, and the implementation of the refugees' right to return, as determined by UN resolutions.

The Central Committee of the PCP, in view of the continuation, impacts and risks of the war in Ukraine, reaffirms that the US, NATO and the EU must stop instigating and fuelling this conflict and that negotiating channels must be opened with the other parties, in particular the Russian Federation, with the aim of reaching a political solution, responding to the problems of collective security and disarmament in Europe and complying with the principles of the UN Charter and the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference.

The Central Committee of the PCP calls for the development of the struggle for peace and solidarity with the peoples.



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