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Quick to Make, Delicious to Eat: Some Dishes from Latvia -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Latvian Style Steak and Onion, the Riga Cutlet, Bread Soup & more.

Last week we looked at the Soviet English language magazine Sputnik feature Try Eating the Azerbaijanian Way, from March 1968.

This set of six recipes is from the February 1968 issue and looks briefly at the cuisine of Latvia. And these recipes are not only classics, as the title suggests they are, for the most part very quick and relatively easy to make.

The Latvian Steak and Onion with sour cream is similar to many regional steak recipes and the Riga Cutlet is an interesting take on schnitzel and egg. The Bread Soup is novel for its use of dried fruit, apples and cinnamon.


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