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Starbucks US union wave growing

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Locations in Chicago, Tennessee and Colorado are joining those in Arizona, Boston and Seattle seeking to unionize after the first successful organizing of a US Starbucks happened in Buffalo last month.

The holiday Starbucks union wave that we looked at on December 22 in It's beginning to look a lot like a Starbucks union wave, appears to growing.

As we noted, after the victory of a union drive at at least one Buffalo, New York Starbucks location, Starbucks workers in Boston and Seattle announced their intention to try to organize. They joined an Arizona franchise that had petitioned of a union election in November.

Now workers in Knoxville, Tennessee, Chicago and Broomfield, Colorado are following suit with petitions for union elections of their own.

"It is so inspiring to see other partners joining our movement" - Michelle Eisen, Starbucks workers and leader of the Buffalo organizing committee.

As Mao once noted, sometimes a single spark can start a prairie fire.



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