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Sudanese Communists demand release of all political detainees as more party members arrested

People holding a party banner -- image via the SCP on Facebook

The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) is demanding the release of all political prisoners and members of its party after another party leader, Awad Beyan, was arrested this week by Military Intelligence under circumstances similar to the arrest of Amal Al-Zain recently.

Amal El Zein, a member of the Political Bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party, suffers from diabetes and hypertension, requiring continuous medication and there are serious concerns for her health.

Fathi Al-Fadl, member of the Political Bureau of the SCP released a statement saying:

The de facto authority of the Security Committee's generals, through the Military Intelligence Agency, continues its campaign of arresting political activists and cadres who oppose the war and demand its cessation. Several cities are witnessing arrests and restrictions on freedom of expression and movement. The Military Intelligence accuses some detainees who oppose the war of promoting the positions of the Rapid Support Forces militia.
In Shendi, northern Sudan, the Military Intelligence conducted a wide-ranging campaign of arrests, targeting political cadres, activists in emergency committees and resistance committees, and volunteers in charitable work. The same criminal hands have also arrested our comrade Awad Beyan under circumstances similar to those of comrade Amal Al-Zain's arrest.
We, in the Communist Party, demand the immediate release of all political detainees from the political movement, resistance committees, and civil society organizations. We hold the Military Intelligence and the de facto authorities responsible for the safety and health of the detainees, stressing the need to respect their dignity, treat them humanely, and provide medical treatment for the ill.
We urge all active forces - those rejecting the de facto authorities - and human rights organizations to intensify their solidarity campaigns for political detainees and continue demanding their immediate release.

The party has also received solidarity messages from other Communist parties including the Egyptian Communist Party and the Communist Party of Jordan.



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