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"The World's Workers Stand with Palestine!"

Statements on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People from Cuba, Greece, Brazil, Chile and the WFTU.

Today, November 29, is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This day was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1977. It is especially relevant now with the horrific attacks on Gaza by Israel that have claimed more than 15,000 Palestinian lives since October 7.

We share some statements from Communist and Workers' parties and organizations around the world.

As the World Federation of Trade Unions says, "The world's workers stand with Palestine!".

The Press Office of the CC of the KKE issued the following statement on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people (29 November):

"This year's International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people is marked by Israel's criminal attack, which claimed the lives of more than 15.000 Palestinians, mainly in Gaza Strip, including 6.150 children, 4.000 women, 207 doctors, nurses and paramedics, 26 members of the Civil Defense and 70 journalists, while 7.000 more are missing, mostly under the rubble, including 4.700 children and women.

There is no room for complacency concerning the temporary and fragile ceasefire which cannot cover up the war crimes committed by the Israeli state. The KKE, continuing the organization ofvarious eventsin solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people, expresses its full support for the just struggle of the Palestinians, which inspires the popular struggle of the workers all over the world.

With the long-standing support of the US, the EU, NATO, including the Greek government and its allies, the aggression of the Israeli state in Palestine and the wider region is intensifying, to the detriment of all the rights of the Palestinian people, risking a more general conflagration. The right side of history is the one of social progress, the end of all foreign occupation, with the peoples being masters in their own land. Today it is even more necessary to strengthen internationalist solidarity and action against the Israeli occupation, imperialist interventions and the plans of the bourgeois classes.

The KKE calls on the people to ignore the dirty propaganda of the supporters of the Israeli occupation and to continue to express even more actively theirmultifaceted solidarity with the Palestinian people, condemning the daily crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians anddemanding:

- The end of the Israeli occupation and its consequences.

- The creation of a united and independent Palestinian state, on the borders of 4 June 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

- The right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, on the basis of the relevant UN resolutions.

-The immediate release of all Palestinian and other political prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

Free Palestine!"

It has been 75 years since the Palestinian people have been forced to live constantly under a system of occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing by the Israeli regime in the face of the de facto permission of most governments in the Western world, who with their silence protect the atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Today in the Gaza Strip one of the greatest criminal acts in the recent history of humankind is unfolding against the civilian population by the Zionist regime of Israel.

To date, and not counting previous Palestinian victims, more than 15,000 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip alone, most of them women and children, in defiance of international standards on the protection of the civilian population, and thus committing a veritable genocide against the Palestinian people.

The bombing of hospitals, mosques, churches, schools, UN shelters, the murder of hundreds of journalists, doctors and health personnel, as well as the blockade of the entry of food, drinking water, electricity and other means necessary for the subsistence of the population, reminds us of the similarity between the Zionist regime of Israel and the methods used by the Nazis against the civilian population in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Second World War.

We support the four-day truce agreed by Israel and Hamas, which we demand be followed by a ceasefire and the implementation of United Nations resolutions, which establish the existence of Israel and Palestine as two sovereign states in that territory.

The Communist Party of Chile is not indifferent in the face of this barbarity and accuses not only the Zionist regime of Israel as guilty of this massacre, but also US imperialism which, together with most European governments, have been and continue to be moral and material accomplices of such a disaster.

We immensely value the solidarity of the peoples of the world who have taken to the streets by the millions in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people, demanding an end to the aggression against Gaza, against the entire Palestinian population in the West Bank and in the territories occupied by the terrorist state of Israel.





Political Note from the Brazilian Communist Party

On November 29, 1947, through Resolution 181, the Partition Plan for Palestine was established by the United Nations General Assembly, dividing the area covered by the British Mandate of Palestine into two states: a Jewish state and an Arab state. This episode, which was discussed and deliberated without consulting local inhabitants at the time, is remembered worldwide as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which saw their lands being shared and occupied by Jewish settlers.

This process began the NAKBA, which in Arabic means catastrophe, as from 1948, with the intensification of conflicts in the region, more than 800,000 Palestinians were expelled from around 500 villages, causing an unprecedented exodus.

Unlike the UN, which celebrates this date as a milestone in the conquest of the Jewish people's right to a sovereign State, throughout the world this date must be remembered as a milestone in the arbitrary partition, imposition and escalation of violence to which the State of Israel has been subjecting the Palestinian population ever since. Over more than 75 years, social segregation expanded and apartheid was made official as a State policy against the Palestinian people, depriving them of basic rights and essential humanitarian conditions. The Gaza Strip was transformed into the largest open-air concentration camp in the world, with the support of US imperialism and the complicity of the Arab bourgeoisie in the region.

The intensification of conflicts is an expression of this historical process of colonialism and oppression to which the Palestinian people are subjected and which has taken on an extremely barbaric nature with the criminal and disproportionate massacre carried out by the Israel Defense Forces against the civilian population in the Strip. Gaza and the West Bank. Such attacks cannot be characterized as an anti-terror war, but must be classified and denounced as genocide!

Faced with this humanitarian catastrophe and the ethnocide promoted against the Palestinian population, especially women and children, dozens of countries suspended diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, as a form of protest and international pressure against the crimes against humanity carried out by Benjamin's Zionist government. Netanyahu and the coalition of far-right parties that supports him.

The PCB defends the immediate suspension of all commercial, scientific and military agreements and diplomatic relations with Israel, as a way of increasing international pressure against the genocidal and terrorist machine of the Israeli State, which has already claimed more than 13 thousand lives of Palestinian civilians , especially women and children, and left more than 600,000 homeless, destroying schools, daycare centers and hospitals indiscriminately, imposing a true holocaust on the population of the Gaza Strip.

These agreements, especially military agreements, feed the Zionist destruction machine and provide revenue to Israeli companies that finance reactionary entities, big techs and think tanks (institutions dedicated to producing knowledge on political, economic or scientific topics). These companies spread far-right lies and ideologies as a way of fostering institutional support for Zionism and the various manifestations and political structures that fuel neo-fascism around the world.

We call on all Solidarity Committees with the Palestinian People to include this flag of struggle in their agendas, so that we can increase this pressure on the streets, forcing the Brazilian Government and its State institutions to suspend all forms of institutional relations with the Zionist State of Israel, thus joining the international mobilization to end the massacre and humanitarian tragedy experienced by the Palestinian people.

Long live the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people!

For an immediate end to Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank!

From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free!

Central Committee of the Brazilian Communist Party

The 29th of November is observed by the United Nations as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The WFTU considers the 29th of November 2023 as a day on which the class-oriented trade union movement will culminate its actions of solidarity, showing practically to the suffering Palestinian people that they are not alone in their struggle for freedom and dignity, against the genocide.

The ongoing bloodshed has been going on and escalating since the 7th of October and has already resulted in thousands of people losing their lives and many more injured, makes the need to intense our actions of solidarity with the struggling Palestinian people, more urgent than ever before.

Τhe massacre in Palestine, the brutal and unacceptable bombing of the hospitals, the killing of a child every 10 minutes, are crimes which are committed with the provocative tolerance and support that Israel receives from the USA, the European Union and the rest of their allies.

The root cause of this situation is the occupation and illegal settlement of the occupied Palestinian territories by Israel and the continuous, daily crimes and the blockades of Gaza that have been committed against the Palestinian people for decades.

The consistent and principled support and solidarity to the heroic Palestinian people had always been a priority for the international class-oriented trade union movement. It is clear that the only way to secure and consolidate peace and security for the people in Palestine and Israel, but also in the wider Middle East, is to immediately end the Israeli occupation and settlement in the occupied Arab territories, as provided for in the UN resolutions, and to establish an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital and guarantee the right of return of Palestinian refugees. At the same time, it is also clear as the imperialist aggression intensifies, our solidarity must intensify too!

While Palestinians in Gaza live without food, water and electricity for almost two months, while an unprecedented murderous attack is being carried out to flatten the Gaza Strip, the workers from every corner of the globe refuse to stay silent! The militant trade unions join their voices with the Palestinian people, condemn the imperialist hypocrisy, and demand an immediate ceasefire.

The WFTU calls on its affiliates and friends, class-oriented and militant trade unions around the world to organise mobilizations and demonstrations, both in the streets, but in the workplaces as well, with the poster of the campaign and Palestinian flags, under the slogan:

“The workers of the world stand with Palestine!”

The Secretariat


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