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Western Warlords Welcome Israeli Investigation Into IDF War Crimes

By Gabriel Haythornthwaite

Now we see what balance looks like to the American Axis as the Israeli crucifixion of Gaza nears its 6-month onslaught mark.

After more than 32,000 Gazans--70% of whom are women and children--have been wiped out by Israel's killing machine (not counting thousands lying unrecovered under bombed-out Gazan ruins), the IDF murder of several imperial nationals working in food aid on April 2nd has finally brought out condemnation from the likes of Canadian PM Trudeau the Younger and the NATO war chief, Jens Stoltenberg.

The killing of more than 600 health workers and 175 UN staff (the most killed by far in the organization's history during a single conflict) by the IDF was not enough to bring condemnation from Israeli's patrons and allies. The vast majority of those killed were Palestinian so they are simply Hamas kills in the Israeli genocidal eye and their Western backers see little reason to gainsay that view.

That there is balance in the universe is seen in the fact that Western condemnation of the IDF is not unreserved. Both NATO’s Stoltenberg and American career-spook turned Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, have ‘welcomed’ Israeli assurances they would investigate their own murders.

King Bibi Netanyahu has already laid out what such a fox-run 'investigation' of the Gaza chicken-coop slaughter will conclude. The three IDF bombing runs on the World Central Kitchen aid workers--who had Israeli authorization for their food drop--included follow-ups against those fleeing the initial strike. Bibi has already indicated without investigation that these repeated strikes were "tragic incidents" which were "unintentional" and that such "happens in war".

Western condemnation of this atrocity does mark a shift of sorts in American Axis attitudes towards Israel’s open-ended War on Gaza. In the early days of the IDF invasion of the territory, a massive October 17th aerial attack against the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza City killed almost 500 civilians which the Israelis immediately pinned on a single low-yield Palestinian rocket.

This reality-defying claim was backed up by a record-breaking white-wash campaign carried out by the spy agencies of America, Britain, France and Canada in close concert with Western corporate media.

The CIA has serially lied since its inception about American war crimes but that is no reason to doubt their assessment of a key client's mass lethal actions. CSIS appears incapable of putting their pants on right, as witnessed by the ham-fisted racist fables the agency foisted on the country about a decades-long Chinese plot to take over the Canadian political system, but obviously if Washington says something is so, that’s the end of the matter.

Israeli assurances during their blood-soaked crusade against Gaza go a long way in the halls of Western power. Despite months of hand-wringing about the strangulation of basic aid into Gaza, Israel’s Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, responded to British criticism of the IDF killing of their nationals by saying that Israel was doing everything it could to help Gazans. Katz was quoted in the Jerusalem Post insisting that Israel was working hard to “ensure the safety of aid workers in Gaza and to increase the flow of goods into the enclave”.

Such words contradicting observed reality will no doubt resonate with Israel’s Western backers who have supported the apartheid state’s furious efforts to destroy the only relief agency capable of providing mass aid to Palestinians. The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was defunded by America and its vassals in the wake of an evidence-free witch-hunt against UNRWA employees for supposed participation in the shocking defeat of October 7th. Israel has since banned UNRWA from operating in the heavily destroyed neighbourhoods of northern Gaza and has petitioned the UN to disband the agency all together.

In the final analysis, given that the generation-long Israeli imprisonment and siege of Gazan ghettos has been fully backed by the American Axis, carrying water for colonial genocide is entirely logical.

Perhaps the Israeli self-investigation will conclude that the Palestinians are responsible for this latest outrage after all. Ludicrous as that sounds, is that any less feasible than the other lies spun by Western warlords about Israel's colonization of Palestine since 1948?

Gabriel Haythornthwaite is a PhD Candidate at Western University's Faculty of Education and a long-time political trouble-maker.


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