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DPRK calls US "a stumbling block to international peace and security"

In a strongly worded statement the Democratic People's Republic of Korea denounced the U.S. for vetoing the UN Security Council cease-fire resolution on Gaza on December 8. The resolution was supported by all the other council members except for the UK which abstained.

In the December 10 statement, Kim Son-kyong, North Korea's vice foreign minister for international organizations said that the US is "a stumbling block to international peace and security" and that the "present Middle East situation clearly proves once again that it is entirely due to the U.S. deeds that the UNSC, whose basic mission is to defend peace and stability, has been reduced into an arena of showdown inciting war, instability, dispute and confrontation and into a stage of injustice where illegal double standards are rampant."

He also decried that the "Gaza Strip of Palestine has been turned into a sea of blood and heap of ashes due to the indiscriminate military attacks by Israel."

It ended with a call for change: "The righteous international community including the DPRK will never tolerate the U.S. heinous infringement upon sovereignty causing international instability and humanitarian crisis by employing illegal double standards, but strive to establish an independent and peaceful new international order based on respect for sovereignty, non-interference, justice and equality."



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