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"End the Siege of Gaza Now!": Thousands march in Toronto in solidarity with Palestine

All images by Natalie Lochwin & Michael Laxer

As the relentless slaughter in Gaza continues, thousands rallied in Toronto in solidarity with Palestine on Saturday afternoon at an action that began in front of the US consulate on University Ave. and then made its way through the streets of the city.

Chanting slogans like "Stop the US War Machine", "Palestine Will Be Free", "Israel is a Terrorist State", "Justin Trudeau You Can't Hide, You Are Causing Genocide" and "End the Siege of Gaza Now" the protestors marched down University Ave. and then took over parts of Lake Shore Blvd. as police scrambled to stop them from gaining access to the Gardiner Expressway.

As the marchers made their attempt to take control of the expressway one of the organizers spoke to the crowd noting that they had no reason not to try or to worry about the media response as the media has always lied about Palestinian protests and rallies anyway no matter what they did.

The protestors eventually made their way past the Rogers Centre and continued to march through the downtown.

At the rally were a number of speakers that included Judy Rebick and former Ontario Federation of Labour leader Sid Ryan. Ryan, noting that he had been a candidate for the NDP said that he was "ashamed" of how the party has responded to the Israeli attacks.

Below are photos from various points in the truly inspiring march.



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