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Hundreds of thousands mobilize across France again to protest attack on pensions

Workers on strike against reactionary pension "reforms" in France, March 7 -- image via the CGT on Twitter

On Tuesday, March 7 hundreds of thousands of workers, students and supporters took to the streets to again bring France to halt in protest against the proposed pension and retirement "reforms" of French president Emmanuel Macron. Macron's push to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 while also raising the number of years of work it takes to qualify for a pension has galvanized French workers into mass action that has the government on the defensive.

The Confédération Générale du Travail (CGT) is one of several French trade union federations coordinating the protests and they are vowing to continue and escalate the strikes until the government abandons the plan. They have also noted that the proposed changes will impact women workers even more greatly then men: Retraites : une réforme anti-femmes ! | CGT

French Communist Party (PCF) leader Fabien Roussel said of today's action: "Today, Tuesday, March 7, the coordinated unions call to bring France to a halt against the unfair pension reform that the government wants to impose. It has been decades since the working world has been so united in a struggle. We can win and push back the government."

The mobilizations and strikes are to continue tomorrow and into the coming days.



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