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"I wish I could share my toys and dreams with you": Powerful Palestine Solidarity march in Toronto

Photos by Natalie Lochwin and Michael Laxer

Thousands marched through the streets of Toronto again Saturday afternoon (October 28) after a rally in solidarity with Palestine at Nathan Phillips Square.

Organized by the group Toronto for Palestine it featured tremendously powerful and moving speeches by children talking about the deaths and suffering of children in Gaza which is being relentless bombarded by Israel. At least 3,000 children have been killed in the slaughter.

In one particularly moving moment one of the child speakers said to the children of Gaza "I wish I could share my toys and dreams with you." Other children spoke of how the children of Gaza should be at school or looking forward to the future instead of living in terror with their names written on their arms or legs so they can be identified if they they are killed.

As they marched chants of "Ceasefire Now", End the Genocide", "Free, Free Gaza" and many others denouncing Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden echoed down Bay St. and then across Front St. In front of Union Station.

Here are more pictures from the day's march:



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