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Thousands March in Tunis for Palestine

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Tunis rally -- image via People's Dispatch

By Global News Service

Thousands demonstrated in Tunis on October 21 as part of a national call for mobilization launched by the National Committee in Support of Resistance in Palestine. Demonstrators from different left organizations and parties mobilized to support Palestine in the face of Israeli aggression against Gaza. It is the second march organized by the Committee in Support of Resistance in ten days.

The march began from Human Rights Square or “Chokri Belaid Square” and raised slogans such as “the people want to criminalize normalization,” “the people want to liberate Palestine,” and “the French and Americans are partners in the aggression,” and carrying Palestinian flags.

The march stopped in front of the French embassy, which was guarded by a heavy security presence. Protesters called for the expulsion of the ambassador as an expression of their denunciation of the French position which from the beginning of the Israeli aggression was in line with the Israeli narrative and in support of its actions.

Among those attending the march were Hamma Hammami, Secretary-General of the Tunisian Workers’ Party, and Bassem Trifi, President of the Tunisian League for Human Rights and President of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists.

Addressing thousands of protesters, Hammami said that people must unite their efforts across many countries to support the Palestinian people and expel diplomats of France and the U.S. from their countries, citing how some countries of sub-Saharan Africa did this recently, including Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali.



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