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Workers' Party of Ireland joins mass protests in Ireland against Israeli atrocities

March in Ireland -- Image via the Workers' Party pf Ireland

The Workers' Party of Ireland issued a statement following their participation in mass demonstrations across the country opposing the Israeli attacks on Gaza and the Palestinian people.

Last weekend witnessed the widespread revulsion of people in Ireland, Britain and across the world against the atrocities visited by the Israeli state against the people of Palestine. As this situation escalates, these demonstrations of solidarity expose the rift between the people and their governments.

While working men and women, of all backgrounds, understand the humanitarian calamity facing the people of Gaza and have no difficulty calling out Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, many states and politicians either openly espouse and support Israeli aggression or rehearse weasel words about Israel’s right to defend itself while denying the well-established Israeli violations of international law.

Israel’s war on the Palestinians started over 75 years ago. The spectacular brutality of the apartheid Israeli state, amplified in recent days but long a constant feature of the occupation, must finally be confronted.

Bombing civilians, destroying entire neighbourhoods, driving vulnerable people from their homes and hospitals and depriving them of fuel, food, shelter and even water are criminal acts reminiscent of the Nazis.

Peace for all will never be achieved unless the root causes of the violence are addressed and peace is only possible where there is a just solution which recognises and protects the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The people’s protests stand in stark contrast to the war-mongering of their governments.

Gerry Grainger

International Secretary


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