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Bolivia breaks diplomatic ties with Israel over Gaza slaughter

Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, in her capacity as Acting Foreign Minister, together with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Freddy Mamani Machaca, announcing on Tuesday afternoon the decision of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to break diplomatic relations with the State of Israel

In a striking move in solidarity with the Palestinian people and Gaza under relentless, murderous assault since October 7, the Plurinational State of Bolivia announced on Tuesday (October 31) that it was officially severing diplomatic ties with Israel.

This was announced both by the Acting Foreign Minister María Nela Prada and Diego Pary Rodríguez, Bolivia's representative at the United Nations.

In their official press release regarding this action the Bolivian Foreign Ministry states (translated from the Spanish):

Minister Prada recalled that President Luis Arce held a meeting on Monday with the Palestinian Ambassador to Bolivia, Mahmoud Elalwani, to whom he expressed his solidarity for the suffering of the Palestinian people, especially children, who have the right to live in peace, rejecting the war crimes committed in the Gaza Strip...
In the official communication, the Plurinational State of Bolivia states that, "consistent with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the rights to life, liberty, peace, the rejection of all types of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Law, as well as in International Humanitarian Law, and within the framework of its principled position of respect for life, we are sending an official communication to the State of Israel, in which the decision of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to break diplomatic relations with that country is made known."
"We demand an end to the attacks in the Gaza Strip that have so far resulted in thousands of civilian deaths and the forced displacement of Palestinians; as well as the end of the blockade that prevents the entry of food, water and other essential elements for life, violating International Law and International Humanitarian Law in the treatment of the civilian population in armed conflicts," Prada said.
On behalf of the Bolivian Government, the Minister rejected the hostile treatment that Israel has been showing towards those responsible for providing international humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, who were denied visas to carry out the work delegated to them by the international community, which constitutes a serious violation of human rights and generates a health crisis.
The Minister announced that humanitarian aid will be sent from Bolivia for those affected in the Gaza Strip, which will be made possible through the Ministry of Defense; At the same time, steps are being taken for the Embassy of Bolivia in the Netherlands to assume the concurrence of the Plurinational State before the State of Palestine.

With outrage growing across the region Chile has decided to recall its ambassador “in the face of the unacceptable violations of international humanitarian law committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip,” the South American country's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Colombia also announced it was recalling their country's ambassador.


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